I haven't spent anything

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After playing Mut for the previous 4 decades and seeing its own decrease I am not purchasing Madden NFL 21 and I believe that the remaining folks who complain shouldn't buy it the sole way EA will fix its own bullshit is if we as a community affect their bottom line. I fr'm not going to buy Madden NFL 21 I don't judge if a few of mut coins madden 21 you do but later this year I won't buy it, the sporadic moments of elation aren't worth the hours of disappointment.

The tryhards will need to stop spending 100s of bucks. (Spoiler: they won't.) I take pride not providing any money they don't deserve to EA. People are able to say let's boycott all they want but theres going to be enough people who invest a literal shit load on this game to make up for all the copies never bought. It is not gonna really make a difference. This mindset is EA will continue to ngaf concerning the communities complaints and shit will not alter. It's the truth though. I'd love for ea to fix their own shit but together with the sum of money people spend nothing will change.

Downvote me to hell if you'd like but you have to understand this is never gont do the job. There is 60,000 members within this sub and much less which are actually active. They sell millions of copies of this game every year and they are gonna double up next year using the new consoles coming out. You can try to get as many people to boycott as you want but you'll never affect their bottom line and many people have no issue with this game because they purchase it to have fun and play sometimes. Maybe if people stopped placing madden on a base and just took it for what it's supposed to be this sub wouldn't be filled with nonstop negativity.

If everyone went NMS, that would force EA to cheap Madden 21 coins change how they do things! As much as I would really like to see this happen, people are overly obsessed with having a competitive edge (particularly early in the MUT season) to not invest money if they have it. Gotta pull that Tyreek Hill foundation elite! I began at Christmas and I had a 97 OVR Team without paying a cent. I offered it all and today I've got a theme team that was Falcons. I could have a 98 overall team with the right of no GT now although I've kinda stopped playing and I haven't spent anything.