WNBA Cards could be published soon?

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Together with 2K messing up the buzzer beater card art and giving them MT 2K21 players as card art. I feel like that may mean we'll be getting WNBA cards in myteam. Thoughts? This is most likely just a glitch, I can not be sure but in a stream a while back somebody asked Ronnie about WNBA players not being in myteam he said that they aren't in myteam this season but it might be something they implement in the future. That is really an interesting quotation. The Lockdown and stoppage of real life Basketball has made them experimentation with articles in the way of their College players, maybe now they will take the opportunity and see how folks would feel about WNBA cards without risking players complaining about it for some time game cycle.

Who knows that could be possible, intentionally leak the pictures to test the waters on how people respond. I think they probably just awakened however like usual, but time will tell. If they do fall I am unsure if they'll be dirt cheap because individuals won't want to use them in lineups or overpriced since everybody wants to dip shaq and Kareem using Breanna Stewart and Candance Parker. Well the industry crash we were anticipating is not going to happen now. Their physicals need to be a good deal worse than NBA players physicals. They've been doing everything but the token market upgrade.

I really don't have a thing against the WNBA, a few people today seem to get pretty angry and sexist whenever they just hear about that league, but it doesn't make much sense to comprise WNBA players in an NBA 2K mode. It wouldn't be fair elevation wise and would be unrealistic and too arcady. The next thing you know we really wind up getting Troydan and Flight cards, great. If the school kids didnt make you men uninstall than this shouldn't. These ladies are professional basketball players. And they'd body up any one of you around the court. Theyd school those college kids also. Participate or dont participate but dont threaten to boycott a WNBA launch when it is an empty threat anyhow. Some fans would be happy to see it, theres also some women on the forums here. Let's keep it clean.

College kids?. Not because they're women. Short players get bullied from the tall and out of postion PGs. Dont make it on the wnba man. I just dont need a release of 6'5 and beneath lol. If that's the case I'm not directing my comments at you. These comments are directed in the sexist remarks as well as also the multiple dangers to uninstall NBA 2K in the event the discharge happens. If you dont enjoy brief cards dont buy themthey release one weekly, this hasnt broken NBA 2K yet.

Love to see this post. If you're mad about the inclusion of wnba players inside this already totally unrealistic arcade game, I implore you to to take a second and research why it's making you mad. It might be an entirely innocuous reason like you're hoping for opal westbrook but it feels like a few people are strangely enraged about the idea of girls being added to NBA 2K, great time to have a moment and analyze kinds internalized sexism.

Proceed into nba live for that. It feels unfair to put WNBA player with nba participant because their not around exactly the exact same degree, although I will be OK with this if they are completely separate or have their own game style. No disrespect to the WNBA player they are the best female basketball players in the world, but they aren't on precisely the exact same level as nba player and you can not deny that Buy NBA 2K MT Coins. It'd feel cheap and lazy to just give god grade cards with 99 to them. And if 2K gives them realistic cards they will be unusable. I would be just as pissed if YouTube or articles founders got cards.