Madden 21 Beta Feedback Stream Has Positives Maintains Ambiguity With Fans

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The Twitch live flow was made to share feedback and advice from the beta that was closed. Meanwhile, the comment section of the flow has been bombarded by fans submitting MUT 21 Coins #FixMaddenFranchise repeatedly.

I will get to this in another, but let's first talk. Easily, my favorite part of the stream was that the breakdown of this ball-carrier jog styles. In certain ways, it seems that this was in the game earlier, but the breakdown of this machine made it feel fresh, if not just refined and much more fleshed out. This is excellent as it allows for the true freakish athletes of the NFL to feel and look different on the area.

2K may take some pointers in the way EA shares its notes. The detailed breakdowns from the beta comments are the equivalent of listening to a person speak, without interrupting, and stating,"if I am hearing you correctly, what I heard you say is..." This serves as a reassurance a individual has been heard and it inspires confidence that their concerns will be addressed. On the flip side, in addition, it creates accountability, since EA is confirming they are aware of exactly what its fans didn't like. Speaking of accountability, let us speak Madden franchise mode.

It is very good to see EA remains apparently committed to fixing the issues with its own franchise mode, as it's creating a stronger notion of accountability. In case mid-August rolls around, and reasonable Madden franchise mode fans still feel like nothing has been set into place to improve the feature, which would be a poor look for EA.

As I've mentioned earlier, no sensible person is anticipating EA to flip Madden 21's franchise style into what it was in Madden 08 by launch. While that might seem doable to a man who doesn't understand the development process of a sports movie game have more realistic expectations. There are items which may be done by launching, and there are far grander things which may be in place for Madden 22, and perhaps even for Madden 21 on next-gen consoles Buy Madden NFL 21 Coins, though that's extremely optimistic thinking. It's important for Madden franchise lovers to be realistic, but also to not have memories. As customers, EA must be held by them to the promises they have made in respect.