Girls Of The World

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Part 1 Chapter 1 ————————

I jumped out of bed like a maniac. My alarm went off for the 5th time and I kept hitting the snooze button. I had to be to work by 9:15 and it was already 8:26. "fuck my life" i thought to myself as I sat in my oversized t-shirt at the edge of my bed scrolling through my phone notifications. Nothing major happened while i was sleep except that HE called me; HE,being my ex boyfriend who cheated on me while i lay seasick in our cabin during our anniversary cruise 3 months ago. I deleted his voicemail without listening i grabbed my work uniform. I stood in the mirror examining my chubby stomach and laugh lines that seemingly appeared overnight. "SOMETHINGS GOTTA FUCKING GIVE" i screamed in the mirror. I wanted my REAL prince charming to arrive and we ride into the sunset! Where the fuck is he? Why is every girl on instagram extremely beautiful? I grabbed my bra strapped in. I grabbed my SUBWAY shirt off the rocking chair in my room and fought my way into it. I HATED this job because i always came home smelling like lunch meat i hated my co-workers. At 8:55 i decided to request the UBER to my job! Of course my Uber driver was late and I almost missed my 'clock-in' time. I sat down and ate one of my Subway choc. chip cookies until my shift started. "Good morning Talia, did you hear Robin quit?" My co-worker Ashley blurted out.
"No, who told you that? She def needs the money, more than me" i said with a bitchy sarcastic undertone. Robin was not my favorite co-worker but she and I managed to always work together.
"Everybody was talking about it last night" ashley answered.
"Oooh hell NO! If she found prince charming before I did i'm slitting my throat!" I cried as I gently banged my forehead on the table.
"Don't worry you still got meeee" Ashley giggled.
"Oh no bitch! You talk too much, too early for this" i joked back.
I opened up my phone and pulled up Robin's text message thread. We hadn't text much since she called out two weeks ago left me running the store alone;but i decided to text her because I needed to know what happened.
"WTf BITCH! Did you quit??? ?" i text Robin. #getyou