Useful Guide to Building Top Power Forwards in NBA 2K21

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Below, we'll show you exactly how to build a top-class power forward in NBA 2K21.

Power forward is a setting with a selection of playstyles. They typically play offensively with their backs in the direction of the basket as well as setting themselves under the basket in a zone defense, or versus the opposing power forward in man-to-man defense. Below, we'll show you exactly how to build a top-class power forward in NBA 2K21.

NBA 2K21 Power Forwards



• Close Shot: 83

Giving a cap of 85 to this stat indicates your put-away shots will certainly be clean and specific.

• Driving Layup: 68

If you have space for a layup, you need to be soaking-- having a cap of 70 here is more than enough.

• Driving Dunk: 83

A cap of 85 for your driving dunk needs to make sure that you can bully your way past any type of opponent standing between you and also the net.

• Standing Dunk: 83

Seeing to it that you can do away with a shot is extremely crucial, so having a stat cap of 85 is crucial below.


• Mid-Range Shot: 45

If you're conjecturing, you possibly aren't in the ideal position. A cap of 50 here is sufficient.


• Pass Accuracy: 67

Passing inside the paint may be needed for sticky scenarios. A 70 cap for this attribute suggests you can act on any type of fast passes that are needed to maintain the play alive.

• Ball Handle: 59

Offering yourself a cap of 60 below will certainly provide you simply enough ability to make sure that you can dribble a bit around the court when you need to.

• Post Moves: 56

A cap of 60 for this characteristic should suffice as you shouldn't go to the posts too often.

Defense/ Rebounding

• Interior Defense: 85

For the very same reasons as inflating your perimeter defense, your interior defense ought to reach around an 85 quality cap.

• Perimeter Defense: 76

Your role implies that you need to preserve the perimeter, so hit a cap of around 80 in perimeter defense to guarantee a quality build.

• Lateral Quickness: 76

Staying on top of fast changes in positioning from the challengers implies that a cap of 80 for this stat is a need.

• Steal: 58

Attempting a steal as a power forward who must be back in the paint would certainly be a little irregular, so a 60 cap needs to suffice.

• Block: 93

When on defense, you require to block those close shots. As such, press this cap up to 95.

• Offensive Rebound: 93

Similar to defensive rebounding, having a cap of 95 to hit with this characteristic makes certain that any type of shots taken by your team will certainly have a strong safety net.

• Defensive Rebound: 93

This is your most important attribute as a power forward. Maintaining the ball in play for your team is necessary, and having a 95 cap in this feature will approve you a great deal of control.


• Height: 6'9"

For physique, we would suggest that you go for defined. In regards to height, you can truly go for anything above 6 foot 8 as that will substantially enhance the majority of your defensive attributes. Our personal wonderful spot is 6 foot 9 as that works quite possibly for the build we are going to build. What you don't want to do is go under 6 foot 8 as that will minimize your PF's defensive capacities, which will certainly mean that you will certainly build a gamer with Point Guard qualities.

• Weight: 243 lbs

When it comes to weight, the default is respectable, but we will certainly set to 243 lbs.

• Wingspan: 91.0"

For wingspan, you truly intend to make sure that you can cover as much region as possible so 91.0 inches is the wonderful area that we are opting for. It will not only improve our defensive attributes by rather a significant chunk however will likewise improve our finishing a fair bit a lot more.

• Takeover: Rim Protector or Glass Cleaner.

To enhance your build, you have 2 Takeovers from which to select: Rim Protector and also Glass Cleaner.

Rim Protector will certainly offer you better defensive capabilities, increasing your interior defense and also obstructing capabilities. Glass Cleaner offers an extra offensive style of playing inside, giving you a boost to your boxing-out skills while also permitting you to secure put-backs at a higher rate.


As with any build, the badges that you choose can make or break your gamer. So, as opposed to trying out to and fro, listed below, after some testing, you can learn what the most effective badges remain in NBA 2K21 for a power forward build.

Finishing Badges

• Backdown Punisher: Silver
• Contact Finisher: Gold
• Lob City Finisher: Gold
• Putback Boss: Gold
• Relentless Finisher: Silver
• Slithery Finisher: Gold

Shooting Badges

• Hot Zone Hunter: Bronze

Playmaking Badges

• Break Starter: Gold
• Quick First Step: Gold

Defense/ Rebounding Badges

• Brick Wall: Silver
• Chase Down Artist: Hall of Fame
• Clamps: Hall of Fame
• Intimidator: Hall of Fame
• Pogo Stick: Hall of Fame
• Rebound Chaser: Hall of Fame
• Rim Protector: Hall of Fame
• Tireless Defender: Hall of Fame

By complying with all the crucial sliders and also attribute caps above, you can build the most effective power forward in NBA 2k21. Furthermore, we also give you professional, premium mt NBA 2k21 order service with low price, safe, and also quick delivery. Click here, it will conserve you a great deal of time to build a dream team and also have a good pc gaming experience.