I decided to make an Ironman on OSRS

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I maxed Halloween 2017 and my goal was to RuneScape gold begin high level PvMing and receive a range/mage/div to 120. I made a decision to create an Ironman on OSRS and I never seemed back.That's likely since the OSRS team totally comprehend, no matter what, OSRS community will tear them a new one for trying to present MTX, among many reasons why OSRS even exists.

On RS3 theres no difficulty MTX cant fix. They also got a total POH rework that entirely revived the ability with tons of helpful rewards that make building among the very valuable skills to train. My aim is unironically to develop the expertise and skills required to create my own RS with no blackjack or hookers. I've started learning some very low poly 3d modelling also, so wish me luck.

But no, still a student, and I really don't have sufficient experience yet. Working on some other projects to learn more before I handle a dream project. I've designed a pretty robust dialogue system, and executed a Pathfinding algorithm, among some other things within my current project. I'd like to know a lot more though before I attempt tackling something so big.

I believe he's saying that a match like that is already in production, and it is called Titan Reach. That one looks neat. Just like a mix between RS and WoW. RS3 staff needs to purge some of its own employees. We want the OSRS team to direct the RS3 team into how to create a game. Did you miss last year where pretty much every recognizeable face from the rs3 team left? Employees aren't responsible. Direction is pushing for mtx since investors put profit expectations for them to fulfill, and they surely do not care about the game. Mtx will never go off. The devs aren't the problem; it is the business version. If the mods pitch a concept"hey how'bout a construction rework" and the response from direction is"no just put something fresh on squeal instead", that is the problem, not the devs.

I can sort of see where they are coming from, due to the nature of a'house' being what it is IRL, the appearing overwhelming desire of the playerbase is to make the POH into more of a Player possessed base camp or Barracks, a place to go to make prepping for different activities faster/easier for some player. Which admittedly a lot of that functionality is already easily accessed other areas like Max guild or rs 2007 gold Wars Retreat. Apart from what current POH's already have.