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When The Industry On Blast reported #HughHefner died in 2016 & the #Playboy mansion refused to announce it! Well, we had no idea the affairs they had to get in order were this tricky!!! 😬 You see back in 2011, #CrystalHarris, Hef’s 25 year old girlfriend and fiance went on #HowardStern and said Hef didnt turn her on. Hef and Crystal called off the engagement & then in 2012 they got re-engaged and finally married in a beautiful ceremony at the #Playboy mansion; Hef’s 3rd marriage & Crystal’s 1st. The breakup and reconciliation ALMOST came with a hefty price. You see Hef wasn’t in his right mind & did not listen when a prenup was brought to his attention! Hef wanted to prove his love for his bride. In December 2016, surrounded by close friends and family after having “movie night” the eve before, Hef died. The estate WENT crazy trying to cover up his death to fix this prenup situation even leaving Crystal out the mix & thinking she and Hef were separated so she could be coerced into signing paperwork in the event he died (which he already did). A source also said she was paid well as a parting gift! Crystal has not posted about Hef since 2016 but has posted her trips and airbnb’s- most recently in London at the #BigBen!! There you have it! The reason behind Hugh Hefner’s 10 month LATE- death announcement! #IOBexclusive

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