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80 Responses

  1. kimdoylelapsley profile image

    Who seasons chicken in the sink.the sink is for dish washing / rinsing things off and washing your hands. Gross

  2. __idance_ profile image

    Looks like a doctor just sucked all the fat out of someone’s body and threw it in the sink

  3. esmith4415 profile image

    Seasoning chicken in a sink and making potato salad in a sink are two totally different things …that shit looks like mashed potatoes 🥔

  4. reticent.v profile image

    Everything in this photo looks disgusting. Including that empty jar of mayo she used for seasoning.

  5. milfnificent_titan profile image

    Ion even season anything in the damn sink. That’s why they sell them clear,plastic or glass bowls to mix or season food in smfh

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