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79 Responses

  1. according2amps profile image

    Why would you sit there and let a baby scratch at another child’s eye? Then post it on Social Medial #Security 🏽

  2. therealceechung profile image

    Instagram needs to shut this page down, first they put up pedophilia shit now this, and they find it funny… 🤦🏽‍♂️

  3. christian.jaee profile image

    Naw they gonna be the complete opposite of what y’all just said!!! My kids fight to but are on some super “I Don’t Play About my brother /sister” type shit

  4. keenice profile image

    This is classic brother sister shit get y’all soft asses on y’all kill me damn… obviously it was harmless and they do this all the time tf how strong y’all thing these babies are

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