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79 Responses

  1. milf_mula profile image

    She sounds trippy & like a “ditsy blonde”. Love her but she’s been doing way few much for a hot min now! Her baby daddy a afro Latino from Honduras,she dated Scott stitch yrs ago & he’s a ✑,was in love with biggie & he was as black as a California raisin & now all she’s been surrounded growing up were Spanish folk? Girl bye!

  2. akamaibae profile image

    Don’t matter if she don’t like her skin or not she is BLACK and no amount of Botox or surgery will EVER change that.

  3. all.things.fashionxoxo profile image

    @jaydopesensei you’re making absolutely no sense. You can’t LOOK spanish for one because it’s not a race is a language and secondly latinx/Hispanics can be any race. Black, white, native, mixed etc; papers most likely being black. It’s a culture. Educate yourself

  4. jaydopesensei profile image

    @all.things.fashionxoxo obviously u live in a hole. A large majority of the time u can look at person and tell where they are from, no matter there race. I’m aware he’s black so stfu

  5. curlsndimples profile image

    She needs help. She has identity issues. YOU WERE BORN BLACK. YOU CAME FROM A BLACK VAGINA. Bleaching your skin porcelain white,getting green eye contacts, and getting your nose done when its botched af won’t make you latina.

  6. seancombs77 profile image

    I swear black women, especially darkskin woman have biggest self esteem issues, self hate issues. This bitch used to be dark as fuck, she changed her whole appearance but she look a little better I wouldn’t lie, I wouldn’t have been attracted to her old look. look

  7. indiajolene__cyb profile image

    Wtf is wrong with her functions ???? Like her eyes are weird an her face doesn’t move like this isn’t Lil Kim this is an imposter this bitch is retarded. But aren’t all the clones, they are Left to their last memory an program.😯

  8. indiajolene__cyb profile image

    Funny because after her success she calls people stupid the same people that applauded her career. this is why I don’t love these people they do t love themselves. They too are human well 😯😐😐😐😐 never mind.

  9. seancombs77 profile image

    @indiajolene__cyb I knew some dark black bitch will mention me, you seem like the insecure one , cuz if it didn’t apply to you you wouldn’t have to reply to my comment. I commented nothing wrong, and I’m not insecure ugly bitch I can think how ever I feel like.

  10. meiamelusive_ profile image

    If she had only fixed the holes on her nose after jail she would of still been looking cute today. Now she looks botched πŸ™

  11. jaydopesensei profile image

    Nah it takes years for plastic surgery to settle and get the look that you want but most people who get it heal a bit and feel like it was unsuccessful and go back under and before they know it. They look like this.

  12. lovely__ayla profile image

    @carpe_bb the same Obama that’s dropped quadruple the amount of bombs in Syria killing thousands of children… totally passing up trumps Syrian body count ????proves my point.. n bby I’m all natural so maybe she look like me πŸ€”

  13. vgm130 profile image

    I like her..she spoke outta turn but she prob didnt mean it prob taken outta context. If not she might be a jackass…just might.

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