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74 Responses

  1. queenbey1998 profile image

    So she laughing at the fact that nicki brother raped a girl ๐Ÿค” and it not nicki fault bitxh didn’t u shoot somebody over a rack and left ur son ?

  2. tenny10 profile image

    Remy blocked me, because I complimented her on looking like a Barbie. (Blond hair, blue eyes, surgery enhanced boobs, and waistline). Looking freshly Matel made.

  3. keteriw profile image

    I really hate to see grown ass black fuss over the pass,you both are so beautiful getting to it ,let’s move on

  4. _ladybugj_ profile image

    She’s so fucking irritating๐Ÿ˜‘ like let that shit go and go worry about your husband and child. Aren’t you 40๐Ÿค”

  5. spillth3sugar profile image

    @loloololhii number one it’s her brother everybody’s going to support their family until proven guilty if you wouldn’t support your own brother then you’re a piece of garbage he has not been proven guilty yet of course she’s going to support her brother

  6. vivid._reign profile image

    Pap-possum clearly ain’t laying no type of pipe cause she be angry 24/7 like girlllllll!!! Pap get ya girl man and take them damn cigarettes away from her cause sister girl already sounds like she talking through a voice box

  7. qwanzaaa profile image

    I hear a lot of people from new York are cocky I don’t think she’s mad I think its her tone. I like Rem just wish she’d let it go as well as Nicki.

  8. orangechampion200 profile image

    Remy Ma stay home cook Papoose food bitch no one looking for u. U little shine on Empire gone Nicki making head way in Paris she not looking for u, she not going to respond u to give ur ditto ass relevancy u looking for. Go call out Foxy Brown let’s see

  9. princedelron profile image

    Nicki fans picking with her… they stay bringing her up on her live. If it was me I’d talk shit too tbh

  10. sippi_chic profile image

    Everybody talking about her looks & that she’s not as successful as nicki & she doesn’t hv as much money but she’s living good & has a husband that loves her so I would take than any day over having a million surgeries & adding 2 my body count

  11. diandrazhavon profile image

    When did nicki support him? Why is it funny to bring up that issue? I’m sure remy has some family members with questionable character.

  12. kurokissess profile image

    She not directly coming for Nicki. I’m sure she don’t care. But she letting the Garbz know that they on her case being retarded about her getting locked up spending a few years away from her son, or having a miscarriage but she never sexually assaulted any kids which is 100x worse. So if they want to be worried about kids being hurt or abandoned then they’re coming for the wrong one

  13. porscha_panamera profile image

    You may have never fondled a little kid which by the way is not a laughing matter but you did however leave your child for eight years to become a convicted felon for shouting your friend over $1000 … worry about that Bitch Nicki is not her brother however you are the mother that left her kid over a stack lol like Bitch that lil piece of change worth missing out on your kids life like wow Bitch you’re no better than nickis brother so stfu deep voice ass ugh ๐Ÿ˜‘

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