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"My Son Is My King" starter pack 🏽

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63 Responses

  1. shawnvintage profile image

    Aint it amazing how asian,white ,arab, east indian wmn all have “husbands” & dont talk that i dont need a man” bullshit like the feminist tell black wmn! I wonder if they got their kids tatted on their backs?

  2. tressgoddess profile image

    The lonely and taking care of him FOREVER starter pack! These women are doing too damn much with these children. You don’t build your daughter up by dressing her like you and you don’t make a man out of your son by making him your man!! It’s creepy!!!!

  3. purp_ito profile image

    Imagine hitting that box from the back and you look down and see her son face looking at you in disappointment .. Nah b this weird .

  4. bmo45th profile image

    So Everytime a nigga fucking from behind he gotta see a picture of yo son that’s some weirdo shit bitch

  5. slimgudzz profile image

    My cousin writes that all the time in her IG captions. I be like biiiihhhhhhhh, his bad ass needs a whooping!!!

  6. sunserrayej profile image

    If she has sex from the back the dude will be looking at what is supposed to be her sons image, can you say freak, sick twisted individuals….

  7. slimgudzz profile image

    That’s the only thing boys think about, is “hittin from the back” and seeing her son. Try making love to her face to face. If u can’t do that you’re not worthy of her time

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