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#IOBplay📽: SO SAD
"A mother and her son are dead after Florida police told the woman to stop calling 911.

The Daily Mail reported that 35-year-old LaTina Herring was recorded on dash cam footage arguing with her boyfriend, Allen Cashe.


The police concluded that the dispute was a "civil" disturbance and accused Herring of making false claims. The argument heard on the footage was about Cashe holding the keys to Herring's home and refusing to give them back. Cashe told police that Herring comes home from the club intoxicated.

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56 Responses

  1. 16azh profile image

    They are already telling us what the defense will be. They’ll just show where they had to come out more than once and this case will be in the trash just like all the others

  2. canonlybeme_kd profile image

    They are not married and he do not stay with her. So why didn’t they intervene and make him give her her key? Why didn’t they escort him back to her home yo get his things and leave ? Now a mother and daughter are dead. Lort give that family strength

  3. milf_mula profile image

    Anyhoo this is sad! & maybe the cops have gotten calls from her in the past & she always kept going back to that abuser. Now she’s dead & r.I.p especially to the innocent child.

  4. naturally_mj305 profile image

    They literally threw her to the wolf! May as well have killed her themselves…I hope her family tear they a** to shreds! Damn

  5. vidgamechx profile image

    Wow. This is sad. Even if they come 100x, they should still treat EVERY situation carefully. They failed the people..

  6. tammiebush45 profile image

    This is grounds for termination they help take 2 people’s lives that could have been saved that lawsuit is coming

  7. karmic.kiss profile image

    Domestic violence is no joke they failed this woman & her son. May they rest in peace. I hope the guys pays dearly.

  8. hakzaw.jimdunkin profile image

    Strange, cuz usually they are desperate to lock someone up….but I guess they were expecting him to give her an ass whooping, turned out he had a more sinister plan

  9. rosalyn6573 profile image

    Terrible their deaths could’ve been avoided, if she told them that he hit her then their job as police officers was to ask her if she wanted to press charges and then take him into custody, these officers have their priorities all mixed up, they could chase and tackle a guy just for a little bit of weed but they can’t arrest someone who was beating a woman?

  10. c.r.o.u profile image

    Catch 22, if they would have took him down, and detained him aggressively, the recording would have went viral as another incident of police excessiveness, you call them, can’t have it both ways, it is very unfortunate these people lost their lives. Too bad we want start policing ourselves, or had someone to call and intervene besides The Runaway Slave Patrol.

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