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what are your thoughts on this?

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12 Responses

  1. cassobabe profile image

    A 9-5 is what some mufuckaz NEED. Having your own business ain’t no cake walk. Shit take a different level of self motivation and discipline.

  2. liveproduct profile image

    My thoughts are how can I get more info on this matter? Can you guide me toward a realistic goal?

  3. cutemommy2 profile image

    I’ve never purchased a pair. I have 2 sons, one would like a pair and the other could careless. I just don’t see the value of the purchase. I don’t my boys out here in buddies but I’d rather add that money to their savings.

  4. jboymontel profile image

    If it was this easy, everyone would do it… running your own business us wayyyyy more than $220. With that $220, you could possibly own about 4 shares of Nike stock…

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