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Blasties is this accurate πŸ€”  is this true? Fellas DM us, we got a package deal going

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96 Responses

  1. tattooheat profile image

    NAH BIHH… your credit score, dim wits and willingness to do anything we want is what attracts us lmao

  2. _rozay_87 profile image

    My husband is black and he hates chicken , doesnt drink that shit and ion look like that.. So… For me? This is NOT accurate

  3. miaamiirage profile image

    Kfc is nasty as fuck. Black ppl eat Popeyes. All your post don’t have to be racially motivated. It’s kind of weak.

  4. madam_v.p profile image

    Wow! That’s not how you attract Black​ Men, maybe a boy who wants a free ride until the next train comes, but definitely not a Black Man.

  5. newinglew110dorder profile image

    These white bitches are walking jail, rape, robbery cases and suckenplace pro’s and plus more naaaaaw bruhh. #sistas #mamacitas #nativeamericanwomen

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