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Whew LAWD  If you'll excuse me #Blasties, I have GOT to get to the platform!!! πŸš‚πŸš‚πŸš‚πŸš‚

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149 Responses

  1. s.fxty profile image

    stevie j sexy af his sons HAVE to be sexy too lol i have how many holes again? πŸ€”

  2. bluesantanaizpettyaf profile image

    @aefse you must recognize it cause your bitch ass momma was the original thot lol but thanks I love it wen ppl acknowledge my talents I also have a bachelor’s degree n drive a range rover but hey ur better than me in a dead way

  3. aefse profile image

    @bluesantanaizpettyaf nobody asked or gives a fuck about your “Rover” but you wanna talk momma’s? I’ll kidnap yours, slice her throat and force you to fuck her dead headless body with a strap on

  4. bluesantanaizpettyaf profile image

    @aefse buddy I’m adopted so if u could find her n kill her for me that would be great I’ll let u borrow my Range to complete the task fuck nigga thank u for taking it

  5. queenbey1998 profile image

    Damn he turn me on he seem like he would tear this Pussy up I’m make sure I babysit with these eyes 🏾

  6. bluesantanaizpettyaf profile image

    @aefse u can’t feel good about struggling You don’t know me but u assume I live off my parents lol they past away too but made sure I got a proper education and a import/export business which I run now so continue u live ur miserable life

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