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Whatever happened to #Omarion's brother, #Oryan?

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149 Responses

  1. kurokissess profile image

    She left him for a man with more money like most these chicks doing. He’s around though. Somewhere

  2. pixiekeke profile image

    He’s chilling. Smokes a lot of weed and vegan. A real hippie … really don’t know what he does for a living. He’s kinda a strange bird

  3. born.verified profile image

    He became a super weirdo. Girls liked him because he looked so much like Omari. It was messed up. Anyway, he has an Instagram. He looks like life messed him up.

  4. baddieig2020 profile image

    @born.verified actually quite the opposite he’s highly spiritual always with his daughter and vegan… how is that messed up?

  5. yup_mia profile image

    This girl been fucking her way to the top and trying to get on since b2k days smh

  6. rollingshade profile image

    @yup_mia wdym she has only been with 2 celebrity men she had her 1st and only child with Omarion’s brother who she was in a long time relationship with

  7. _smokebluntz profile image

    Lol my life is a lie . This post made me realize he has a brother and that Marquez Houston isn’t even related to him

  8. lipssolegit profile image

    You bitches always talking shit about another woman and be dead ass wrong. Her entire family is in music and jhene has been dropping EPs since early tumblr days. Chill tf out. @yup_mia

  9. _k.iera profile image

    He was just posted on balleralert or theshaderoom playing with his daughter niece and nephew. He good!

  10. jnoelle85 profile image

    I liked his song Take It Slow. Wouldn’t mind for him to come out with new music. Anyway his IG indicates he’s happy and that’s the most important thing. 🙂

  11. joyeuxpics profile image

    He’s spreading peace, love, and abundance, y’all. He’s telling people to have an awesome day and an awesome night. He’s letting us know that he loves you and you love you. Ya dig! @papasonnie

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