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We spotted #DaBaddestBitch, reading #IOB! She said our captions be too lit

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51 Responses

  1. ashelydunns profile image

    I swear she doesn’t get enough credit. She been the most consistent female rapper of all time. A lot of them make a few hits then disappear, Trina been going hard since ” you no nan Hoe ” that’s why i love here

  2. msmonicagalvan profile image

    Mannnnnn she just did a hole in the wallll , gutttter asss , filthy club, here, in fresno. Lookin a hott fluffy mess. My heart was broken.

  3. qveen.savvage profile image

    Girl I thought this was shower rod ridin’ Mimi Faust but its not…it’s tha mothafuckin queen…Trina (my wife)

  4. tees_a_leo profile image

    @ashelydunns lol no need to get so angry tho. Not my fault your favorite is a flop putting out daily garbage. You can relate to her with the H.I.V huh bitch?

  5. shelci_brandon profile image

    Why is her corny ass still around? Who the hell is buying her music? Is she still riding Kesha ka’or coattails?

  6. saucenn profile image

    @tees_a_leo I got a ass so big like the sun, hope you got a mile for a dick I want to run , slap It in my face shove it down my throatπŸŽ™

  7. tees_a_leo profile image

    @saucenn lol see thats what im saying tho. Im sure she bang in her city but Trina ain’t a mainstream artists. After 10 yrs she’s still pretty much local. That verse you just spit, I’ve never heard it before. But it dont take away her credibility, im just telling that other chick that trina ain’t consistent as far as hit records like she said.

  8. saucenn profile image

    @tees_a_leo u must be young cause I live all the way in MD and trina- look back at it was poppin then and even when its played now its still poppin but I’m not much of a Trina fan just showing u its more than what u think u know. I doubt she dropped anything locally either but I just dont understand why does it matter… Lol its just a picture of her what does her records have to do with a picture that was reposted of her. Just because she fell off dont mean she dead and can’t take pictures someone’s career always has to be brought up.

  9. shelci_brandon profile image

    @saucenn STFU u dumb ass hoe… u talking about my no followers “yet u responded to me” do u think its a “real” IG account? Stupid bitch! You dont know who I really am, thats the beauty of a “ghost” account dummy! Dont @ me no more!

  10. tees_a_leo profile image

    @saucenn gurl lol i wish i was young again NOT that 32 aint young but again, my conversation was with another person who spoke about her music. I definitely didn’t say it was wrong for her to take a picπŸ˜•. Not sure where u going with that. But yea im not a fan of hers either but i do remember the “look back at it song” it didn’t get any radio play tho….at least not where im from.

  11. saucenn profile image

    @shelci_brandon and your a dumb for thinking I’m a Trina fan what music has she released lately for me to like been 10 years get a grip. But even in her downfall her name is in more people mouths including yours , more than your name will ever be

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