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#IOBPlay: Why is feeding a banana  to a rabbit? These celebs will do anything for attention and anything for social media these days, smh

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54 Responses

  1. ovo_brandon_ profile image

    Ya the dumbest motherfuckers ever thats a kangaroo and don’t try to pull that i was just kidding shit yall really fucking dumb

  2. miiss_t profile image

    I’m saying, I SPEAK SARCASM, but, I really be questioning if it that, or are ya’ll fuckin 13?

  3. queen__hatshepsut profile image

    Humans are so fuckin cruel. Imagine IF you were taken from YOIR home and Forced to live in the Would with animals. Poor kangaro is in the wrong enviroment.

  4. profile image

    This crackhead looking mofo. I’d like to see him in the ring with a kangaroo. Men that are cruel to animals are the biggest turn off and furthermore if they are cruel to animals remember they won’t think twice about beating a woman.

  5. jeremihgodwins profile image

    Rubbish …. another distraction from the real important things going on out there…. is this poze to be funny?

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