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Whew Lawd!!!! I can't WAIT to get to my church today!  This was last week ️ Service was so good I rededicated my life to #Christ!

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100 Responses

  1. tammiebush45 profile image

    I’m sorry this is just ridiculous I’m not about to be rolling around on the church house dirty floor with my clean clothing on people looking up my dress this is way to much and I hope that wasn’t the pastor doing push-ups

  2. prettywangs profile image

    Has anyone ever wondered if this is really a holy spirit? Like only demons make u twitch and jump and stuff when possessed sooooo … just a thought

  3. harpersaid profile image

    This is sooooo embarrassing…. religion is a joke … Christianity being the biggest one of all.. even more sad when blacks take up a religion that was given to them by slave masters . Smh

  4. scheriyll profile image

    Voodoo spell got people doing pushups & rolling around in this Unholy sanctuary..right near the Pul-PIT..😐

  5. thouxanbanfanta profile image

    Y’all look like some fcking clowns I’ll go up there and beat Jesus asss who y’all gon bow y’all heads to know

  6. badazz3709 profile image

    Don’t be scared to say it….a bunch of fuckery going on in churches, let me guess ” everyone worship diff” right!!!

  7. phaceemnefertari profile image

    All of this foolery is only for attention, they need to know The Creator won’t respond to this blasphemy. They need to read Mathew 6:5-6 and then repent

  8. shelly_360 profile image

    What a circus! Religion is man made BS. This church is a joke. Stay out of churches and seek a relationship with Christ instead. #false #falsePreachers

  9. poizonnnn profile image

    They going straight to hell i hope jesus sends some thunder and lightning in that place fast hit somebody with the real holyghost power of jesus he can use nature to tear yo ass up to i mean he only created it 😬😕

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