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: Seem like Legend got into a Lil altercation with a  and she called  πŸš”πŸš”on our ... If you need us to Run up on her with hands we got 🏾🏾🏾

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64 Responses

  1. lockstemz profile image

    Is this one of those times when people try to turn a positive situation negative 🏾

  2. lockstemz profile image

    @sergeocta you may not know this but racism is a two way street. Also ask yourself WHO called the cops on your so called black man? πŸ€” racism is a state of mind and its garbage… because another person believes in and spews garbage you as a person shouldn’t let that smell affect you!

  3. sergeocta profile image

    @lockstemz you’re a house real house negro prejudices is !not racism simple google it get a dictionary. With black like you with that kind mindset means you would love and appreciate SLAVERY in 2017!!!!

  4. chubby_pappi profile image

    @_blackisgold_ he’s j prince son, j prince jr. He actually discovered drake and his dad is huge in the music and boxing biz. And also his dad is one of those guys you really don’t want a problem with. Probably the reason the black officer was so friendly, he might’ve known who his father is.

  5. lockstemz profile image

    @sergeocta either you’re stuck in some sort of time warp or you’re trying to fight a battle that has already been won for you. Your idea of black seems to revolve solely on slavery and racism and hatred of cops and hatred of everyone… you’re in fact a racist. You cant hate people and not expect them to not feel the same and you cannot overcome ignorance with ignorance especially when your view of the world ( which is just America to you) puts everyone on sides and in different boxes… shows you have never traveled outside this country and have alot to learn about humanity and just being a person observing and learning!

  6. chubby_pappi profile image

    @taka_tiera his father is ceo of rapalot records. Home of ghetto boys, scarface, ugk….but on the streets, he’s known for other things. Like putting a end to a lot of rap beefs, and being a guy you don’t want mad at you.

  7. taka_tiera profile image

    @chubby_pappi lol So hes a street dude. They may be fans but they’re definitely not scared. The police don’t need a reason to blow his head off… and collect a check for doing it.I remember UGK.

  8. sergeocta profile image

    @lockstemz look HOUSE NEGRO we we’ll never have any respect what so ever in America we BLACK PEOPLE ARE divided some will go to hell trying to suck or eating a white pussy or dick , while you have a strong beautiful black woman & men in your side. Please you hate yourself.from Africa to America we’re Divided that’s why white MF don’t take us seriously..

  9. sergeocta profile image

    They study your sociology they give you what you want you will sale your own brother You dumb negro!!!!

  10. chubby_pappi profile image

    @taka_tiera i wouldn’t just call him a street guy, maybe a street guy that made it that’s still connected. He’s hella rich. And best believe there are people that the police fear. They have families and loved ones as well. J prince is like the black mafia. Don’t know if that cop was scared or not, but I’m sure he’d be a little extra careful if he knew who he was talking to.

  11. sergeocta profile image

    @lockstemz YOU SO DUMB AND STUPID BLACK MEN!! Tell the INDIANS why they still fighting ask the Jews ask your Great white America why they still fighting for freedom right? They say it everyday we fighting for our freedom by the way this country was NEVER OCCUPIED BY A foreign power then the White MEN himself. Get out of my face you SLAVE minded SHIT!!!

  12. lilkimthequeenbee_vu profile image

    That’s how the cops are they wont arrest a man if he attacks a woman even though she might have started it. She could have been innocent they wouldnt do shit

  13. chubby_pappi profile image

    @heyparisg playas fuck up too! I stand corrected. Always thought it was the same person, my bad. I’m so glad i didn’t get all rude and shit, and glad you didn’t go there with me. Now i don’t have to erase my comments. Well have a nice day

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