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Our girl was whooping my niece so bad that the other cousins and had to jump in 🏽. My sister is PISSED that Diamond lost

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  1. iiesha77 profile image

    Lol they only jumped in cause that white girl was beating her ass,if it was the other way around,they wouldn’t have done a thing .

  2. whonickjooooones profile image

    Seems about right black people talk shit then when they get them mitts put on em “they cuzzins” gotta try to jump on somebody…

  3. naja1603 profile image

    It’s fu but those other girls should’ve tried to stop it. They’re just showing how pathetic they’re for teaming up on the white girl. She still managed to beat that black girl

  4. duro2amore profile image

    This what always happens bitches talk mad shit to the lilskinny white girls then get those hands they weren’t expecting and their friends gotta always jump in.. Pussy lil bitches

  5. tinaisshirleyskid profile image

    Nah the strategic move is to get in quick and grab the other bih by the hair. Becky been watching and strategizing. Put your hair up first and don’t allow a Becky to grab you by the hair!!! Lol

  6. anth_jah profile image

    So many white hoes in the comment section excited and pressed cause One little Becky won a fight

  7. linafontanez profile image

    i love how girls always wanna hype up a fight until their friend is the one getting their ass beat lol makes no fuckin sense

  8. jor.3l profile image

    @bluesantanaizpettyaf lmaoo you made this about money and followers ?? You said “I guess that’s what they do when they tryna be black” and you were talking about her hair. Get over it you just don’t wanna see white women wear that hair because black women popularized it. It’s aight to be butthurt about it just admit you discriminate and move on.

  9. iloveher5101981 profile image

    That ain’t her #cashmeousside don’t know how to fight. She got her ass whooped. Pippy Long Stockings gave ole girl the bizness

  10. bluesantanaizpettyaf profile image

    @jor.3l never that unlike u I’m proud to be black and take my culture very seriously I love white ppl just hate wen they take things and make it their own like there is no history behind it I have money actually I was born into it that’s y u worried about wat my opinion cause yours has no value find u somebody to play with I’m educated n paid

  11. aschlee_htown profile image


  12. bkchi13 profile image

    Cash me outside wish that was her wit them hands..!! White bread had that work….. she got my hair…

  13. concreterose26 profile image

    Lol keep thinking these new age 21 savage listening to white kids ain’t whooping ass. She done had to fight off her Daddy from trying to smash her, all her life bih.

  14. phillysfinest___ profile image

    White girl got fuckin handssss ya heard me i woulda had to roll on that bitch theres no way imma get beat up by a white girl n its gone stay like that

  15. iwritehitzbihh profile image

    Underestimate no one. Race means nothing when it comes to throwing them hand hands either u got em or you don’t oh well lil yoyo got whooped on lol

  16. matthew25sailas profile image

    What happened to the days when 2 people with a problem handled that shit? Home girl was getting mopped and should have just thrown in the towel

  17. biohazardbeauty24 profile image

    If you cant handle the heat get out of the kitchen thats why when a bunch of punk ass bitches say dumb shit like “you scared?!” No bitch, yall just dont fight fair cause youre a pussy

  18. rogersadrian profile image

    She asked for the ass whooping, plus she threw the first punch, ended up needing help, showing out for her girls

  19. japerez1025 profile image

    I’m saying..she threw the first one and even if she’s 1 on 1, noone supposed to jump in…what happened to the fair head up today..😧😧

  20. yyvannaa profile image

    Hella wack. White girl was whoppin ass and these hoes mad they were losing #TakeThisL

  21. shawniewani profile image

    That a punk move to jump somebody now what if she would of had all her ppl come the next day back when was a kid you take that lost come back later fight again not jump ppl

  22. the_realmedium profile image

    I got 3 sides when i fight…the country black the hill billy white and the mixed one…i think the mixed one is worse cause its a combo of both thats when my eyes change to jet black with not pupils

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