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#IOBPlay: not only #whitewomen, but are going to extremes to have the curves we naturally have, but do you boo! You look great

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148 Responses

  1. blo_n_z profile image

    @boyythats.cece Nah sis you leave it like that. I just wanna call a thing a thing cause black women in these streets don’t be living up to the hype they be BAD BUILT AS FUCK. My opinion

  2. aquadisole profile image

    Fucking racist ? Not only whitewomen ????? All your black celebrites have butt implants or breats implants only a few have ” natural ” curves, proud to be black huh? Idiot afro american who knows absolutely nothing about black ppl expet your little slave history. Do you know what Africa is ? Can you point with your finger on a map if I ask you to show me where Ouganda is ? What about the NATURAL “Curves” of somalians or ethiopians ridiculous, ppl like you make me racist honestly

  3. lifeasvalentina profile image

    Ur so petty with your race shit ! I’d die to see the face behind the keyboard boo boo with your it’s always about race guess I’m glad I’m Italian ! White

  4. jordanmarie12_ profile image

    @realqueenhere a Tommy sotomayor supporter. stop being obsessed with black women bitch. Weave and body surgery is not the same thing. Weave can be removed body surgery can’t. Tell Tommy sotomayor that.

  5. tyvirtuousqueen profile image

    Like, forever they wanted us flat so they can have all the back. And some, really fell for the, I need to be flat to fit into their world. But, the entire time, they’ve been trying to fit into our world and be with our men. That’s real!

  6. qt_mallorie profile image

    How are we even sure this is a white man? Lol he almost looks Hispanic. It’s not just white women,it’s all women manipulating their bodies. Actually the first incident we heard was about a black transgender woman who got fix a flat in her ass….just be happy with what ya got

  7. cantbenera profile image

    Well let’s face it everybody want a black woman ass that we have naturally I ain’t mad I feel good because it’s a compliment to us black women everybody going get ass shots to look like us

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