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Just wanted to give some Sunday encouragement to you guys!  Certainly, with the way our talk, y'all CAN'T have any issues

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148 Responses

  1. conniedenisesummers profile image

    Why this ugly ass man always trying to come for a women, when all the makeup, wigs, eyelashes he think make him look like a women he will never be one. Looking like a fucking blow fish!!!

  2. carmensview profile image

    I think he mistook his asshole for a pussy cause you can’t speak on something you don’t have.

  3. genialplego profile image

    I swear I saw another video with a guy dressed like a female saying the same thing. Sounding very stupid

  4. myriamcreole profile image

    Doesn’t matter who is the messenger it’s the message that matters clean your pussies..πŸ½πŸ›πŸšΏ

  5. shaeblessed profile image

    I think he is right in what he said and wrong in how he said it! Women should always keep their vaginas cleaned. Soap, water, and sometimes vinegar will​ keep it clean. Sleep with one clean dude and get checkups when necessary.

  6. shelci_brandon profile image

    Wasn’t’ he the same horse face that did that video about somebody breath stinking? Now he making a video about stank coonta’s? Ummm sir it seems to stink everywhere you are, so im thinking ITS YOU!!!

  7. oh_minaj profile image

    How can any woman be mad at the fact that she said keep ya pussy clean its a fact and some of you bitches cocks be hummin to the 10th power lol

  8. mdot1024 profile image

    But he probably wants one of those pussies lmao he just hating he don’t have one and for ya men ya need to clean ya musty fishy dicks too..think us women don’t know about that shit foh

  9. bebe_youuu33 profile image

    And what his dick smell like after having it tuck between his ass all day . Just mad he can’t be a woman . These trannys stay coming for the real women

  10. nessasloveschuck profile image

    Yes HE has a point, always practice good hygiene, lady’s if your vagina has a bad order I encourage you to go see a doctor… But most of us know this we really don’t need a man to tell us.

  11. gina_li_chi3 profile image

    lol who’s is this???? I saw a clip of him once when a noise sounded like a gunshot outside his window

  12. klmsbossy profile image

    @amor_sin_fin…Funny how a bitch with a dog face thinking about my pussyπŸ€”πŸ€”If you don’t get your Dike ass on somewhere. ..#Wrong person bitchhhhhh#

  13. mz_bonita_apple_bum profile image

    If this motherfucker is this OOOGLY WITH makeup, I don’t wanna see you without, Beowulf boogerwulf looking Bitch, you a species ALL unto ya damn self bitch! 🏾

  14. chellyyyy____ profile image

    Isn’t this the dude from rupaul’s drag race? I can recognize that annoying ass voice and face from a mile away

  15. glamvicious profile image

    This advice coming from somebody who doesn’t have a pussy and knows nothing about taking care of one……I wish men would mind their business

  16. concreterose26 profile image

    I thought this was Wendy Williams. Its not about washing the pussy. If a woman is stanking it is because she has some infection. All the washing in the world won’t stop that discharge from coming out stank, thats from the INSIDE. But by this being a man who wants a pussy, he doesn’t know that. Looking like DORY the fish.

  17. skyp1387 profile image

    How is he giving advice on something he don’t even like?? Why does he even care how a woman pussy smell like dude you like sausages!!!

  18. arkivious626 profile image

    This whatever you want to call it got a nerve to talk while he looking at hot mess talking about pussy, while it trying to be a pussy

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