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yasss we are finally gonna get our big break

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149 Responses

  1. sweetyella70 profile image

    I just hope they broaden the talent to more than just the celebrity children share. The wealth lets make a million black millio iars

  2. chillminho profile image

    @milf_mula at the end of the day Olivia Pope is a strong woman. A strong woman that has flaws and weaknesses like any human being , just like the role Viola plays in HTGAWM. There’s nothing wrong with the role Kerry plays in her show. What you expecting every woman of color’s role to be a strong woman thats invincible and never gets caught up in situations that show their weakness?

  3. milf_mula profile image

    @chillminho I don’t expect that but all she is the white president’s mistress/yawn on the side. Ion I’m just not feeling that shit but show successful as hell tho.

  4. chillminho profile image

    Lets get real. If every black woman’s role was just strong, “boss” and unmoved you would just complain that shes too masculine or that she’s unrealistic. A black womans role can be any kind of woman. They can be strong and show emotion and show weakness and flaws. They can be weak. They can play the role of any kind of woman.

  5. alisonjoycescott profile image

    @milf_mula just looked at your profile and your beautiful but you love to show a lot! Plus Kerry Washingtons character is just that a character #letsnotjudge especially when black woman are doing something amazing extremely difficult and forward thinking

  6. milf_mula profile image

    @alisonjoycescott yes,I do & this post isn’t about me tho lol. I just stated my opinion about the show & her role. I’m not an A list celebrity with the world watching her,she is & can be portrayed differently. Viola don’t do all that & still a boss

  7. milf_mula profile image

    @chillminho no,I wouldn’t complain lol. Why would I? Viola isn’t masculine despite her not being as youthful as Kerry nor has the sex appeal factor. I just don’t get why so many black women praise Kerry’s role in that show.

  8. billyjonesmexico profile image

    whyyyy wouldn’t they just create casting advocacy groups so they don’t have to worry about people not watching the movies they had to spend time producing

  9. blekkbird profile image

    Wait? 51 comments??? Where’s all those white followers who were commenting on the fight post??? They hate to see this don’t they smh!

  10. blekkbird profile image

    @jabbaranderson95 outside if their tv shows, where else in their body of work have they had white men as leading men? Two shows is not enough to create an agenda. Have you noticed be it commercial, movie OR tv show 99% if a black man is with a leading black woman she’s mulatto looking? why perpetuate that image that “light is the right choice” via so many platforms? That’s actually factual.

  11. jabbaranderson95 profile image

    @blekkbird actually it’s not just two shows it’s a plethora of them an movies and if she not a lead it’s a side character that messes with a white man and ur statement of black men an are wit lighter skinned black woman so wat even if that is the truth there still black woman am I correct the black Woman on the other hand has to sellout on some degree to be a lead in the white media

  12. indigo_starseed_eyeam profile image

    I hope they don’t Bill Cosbey em because that’s exactly what mission he was on and they tried to kill that man with that bullshit scandal

  13. mean_and_ugly profile image

    God damn. How many more roles they want? All of them. There black people and multiple black on every show I watch..Most of them in lead roles. It’s time for a different cause..And I’m black.

  14. iamvannadoll profile image

    @mean_and_ugly 🤔 the post says “color” meaning people of color. Last time i checked asians,hispanics,African Americans, ect all had some type of melanin darker than “Caucasians” in their skin. Why do people always think that color is just “black”.

  15. skyedavisss profile image

    They better make sure they put us in strong roles. Not that scandal shit. Make sure our families have fathers.. all that

  16. mean_and_ugly profile image

    @iamvannadoll I know that includes all non-white people. And those races are represented well already. If they say the mission is to tell more stories that are specific to certain cultures, then that’s one thing. But to act like minority actors are few and far in between on the tv and movie screen is just not true anymore. We are however, minorities, so you can’t expect the number of roles to be equal just based on mathematics.

  17. the.corruptor profile image

    @hellopiesforme Ok…but do u really think the elite would allow this to be possible without restrictions and regulations that this and every other COMPANY in the world have to abide by. To be shown on television and considered “watchable entertainment” tbewhich comes down to 3 major broadcasting networks

  18. the.corruptor profile image

    Owned by jews…besides they can start the company…but will the own and run it. I doubt it. And if they do. I guarantee the writers, producers, executives, are probably all white…and jewish.

  19. the.corruptor profile image

    You call it help…i call it infiltrated enslavement by business. Understand all actors are under contract, which means they have no say or opinion on anything that is in accordance with that company. Besides, tc it self

  20. alreadyblockedthough profile image

    @the.corruptor you making ALL these assumptions just to stay angry lol wtf? Lots of “probably”s in your scenarios. Life must be fucking miserable for you lmao. Stop trying to knock out people down every time we get some good news

  21. c_nic26 profile image

    @ilianaxox_ why? Find a Hispanic person to put a Hispanic on. Yall don’t put black ppl on, so don’t try to include yourselves with black people all the time

  22. prince_alibabba profile image

    It’s a universal thing.. they will take your money .. cause they know executives won’t pick you up anyway .. why can’t you guys see there is no colour .. I reckon you guys create the issues even more. I don’t see you as black or brown .. just a human being

  23. 215international profile image

    Yes! Create our OWN EVERYTHING!?! The devil can’t control you if you don’t need them for anything! Like Chinatown and Lil Italy..let’s go!

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