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#Blasties!!! Rate this cut!

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114 Responses

  1. annie82615 profile image

    The one on the top right is EVERYTHING!!! The ones on the bottom need a GPS….because they got lost.

  2. breanaanora profile image

    Okay so he was going for the top right but got the bottom left. Zammm that must be a family friend who cut his hair for free

  3. sirboring profile image

    Fuck this is a -7 but it aint has bad as my x’s sons cut this bitch had no respect for the boy or his self worth. She let Willie 3 fingers cut his hair and the clippers always sliped out Willies quarter thumb

  4. _.kimberlyn profile image

    The last pic He probably thought it looked good then went home to ppl clowning him so he shaved it off

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