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Are you beautiful, socially adept, eye catching and fun? πŸ€— Apply to be an official BLASTIE girl in your city!  The first city to roll out the blastie girls will be CHICAGO, ILLINOIS! WE ARE LOOKING FOR 5 GIRLS IN THE CHICAGO AREA WHO ARE AVAILABLE OFTEN TO ATTEND EVENTS AND FUNCTIONS!!! 🏾 We will be similar to how TAZ's ANGELS are (minus the alleged escorting) 🏽🏽🏽. THE applicants must be aware that they will be asked to wear a blastie girl T-shirt similar to Hooter's tee's. When you apply be mindful of what you will be wearing when you go out! Do not apply and get your feelings hurt if you know you a hot mess! ️ Also keep in mind that by being a blastie girl, you are signing up to be seen by 80 million people a week, you will be scrutinized and your social media will probably grow tremendously. ------------------------------------
FOLLOW & DM @youngplatinum with 3-5 photos! Photos must be clear and NON- photoshopped!  @youngplatinum will be forwarding the top applicants to IOB ceo @rashard_mmi --- the top 10 Applicants will be posted and voted by the blasties!!! Have fun!


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